Sound Healer and Angel Medium, Stewart Pearce will be returning to SC

Legendary Sound Healer and Angel Medium, Stewart Pearce will be returning to South Carolina for 2 events and Soul Readings August 28-September 3.  Stewart was the Head of Voice at the Webber Douglas Academy London from 1980-1997, helped pioneer the opening of Shakespeare’s Global Theatre between 1997-2010, and has coached many illustrious people such as Simon Callow, Matthew Goode, Vanessa Redgrave, Anita Roddick, Margaret Thatcher and Diana, Princess of Wales, and the LONDON 2012 Olympic Bid.

Stewart will begin his journey in Charleston, SC with amazing workshops and Soul Readings August 28-30.  The Angels will follow him to Bluffton, SC where will be giving Soul Readings August 31-September 3.

An Evening of Enchantment with
The Angels of Atlantis
August 28th  7:00-9:00pm   $33.00

The Angels of Atlantis and The Miracle of Abundance
August 29th  10:00am-5:00pm   $150.00
The Angels of Atlantis are present to gift your soul abundance from the
Universe.  From their presence vast energies flow forming magic and miracles to help you make the longest soul-stride we humans have ever taken.  Come and join Stewart Pearce, the inspirational Angel Medium, and learn how vitality can surge through your veins creating such joy and creativity.

Soul Readings with Stewart
August 30th  10am-3:30pm  $220 / hour
Stewart will also be offering Soul Readings from August 31st-September 3 in Bluffton, SC

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