TrueFit Pilates and Training Center locally owned by Jennifer Wolfe has introduced a new Small Group Personal Training Program coordinated by new fitness director, Rachel Cantore, for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

Cantore’s Small Group Personal Training Program at TrueFit will offer members an opportunity to get individualized attention to exercises and execution in a small group setting. Small Group Personal Training classes provide safe, results-driven training while including a social and fun element, affordability, and tons of class time options to train.

Workouts focus on strength and resistance/weight training with some cardio, and they are structured in a weekly plan so that members work their total body while maintaining variety in their training program. The main portion of the workouts are done in 45 minutes or less allowing members to get in and out and on with their lives. Coaches are available after classes for extra cardio, stretching, and/or questions.

Cantore is a certified personal trainer and health coach, born and raised in Chicago. She holds degrees from UIC in Movement Sciences and Nutrition and is certified through NASM, Metabolic Effect, Precision Nutrition, NESTA, and IDEA.


“We are excited to have Rachel move into this role,” says Wolfe. “Through this program, clients will have the opportunity to improve their strength, endurance, and overall level of fitness through this small, intimate setting.”




TrueFit offers a full service equipment pilates studio, personal training studio and Small Group Personal Training classes with strength, cardio, mat pilates, TRX, SMR recovery, Buff Bones, core and stretch. They also offer massage, Bluffton Bronze organic studio, nutrition and health coaching as well as seasonal detox programs, and MRT food intolerance testing. TrueFit’s highly trained instructors are ready to help achieve clients’ fitness goals in a caring, safe and clean environment. The center’s mission is “To help people become ridiculously amazing in health, fitness, nutrition, and life!” TrueFit is located at 57A Sheridan Park Circle, Bluffton. For more information or to sign up for a class, visit or call (843)815-4968.