Local non-profit Arrhythmia Alliance and the Town of Bluffton have placed a further five public access defibrillators (PADs) around Bluffton. The five defibrillators were all officially placed by August 2, 2017.


Earlier this year, Arrhythmia Alliance, in partnership with the Bluffton Town Fire Department, (BTFD) launched the A-A Defibs Save Lives  –  #BlufftonHeartsMatter campaign. The Defibs Save Lives campaign is a local and national education-based advocacy program that equips communities with the necessary tools to implement the chain of survival during sudden cardiac arrest.


According to Arrhythmia Alliance Founder Trudie Lobban MBE, “We are thrilled that the Town have followed through on their promise to donate five PADs to the Arrhythmia Alliance Defibs Save Lives – #BlufftonHeartsMatter campaign.  Following the placement of 31 AEDs in all the Bluffton Police vehicles we then partnered with BTFD to make Bluffton Heartsafe.  It is wonderful to have the support of the Town and Mayor to support this great campaign.”

Mayor Lisa Sulka – “We continue to getting closer and closer to becoming a Heart Safe Town and I’m very proud to be part of that. These five new AEDs show how strong the partnership between the Arrhythmia Alliance, Police Department, Fire Department and Town of Bluffton is and I hope over the next several months the campaign can raise funds to place more AEDs in public places.”


Chief John Thompson, Bluffton Township Fire District – “The Fire District is excited about the five new AED’s donated to the Arrhythmia Alliance Defibs Save Lives – Bluffton Hearts Matter campaign.  These new AED’s continue the efforts to make Bluffton a safer community for all of its citizens and guests.”


The five PADs have been installed  in Oscar Frazier Park, the Bluffton Police Department Substation, Oyster Factory Park Boat Dock, the end of Calhoun Street across from the Church of the Cross, and the empty lot across from the Dispensary on Calhoun Street. Earlier this year, the campaign placed an AED in Dubois Park in Bluffton and at All Joy Boat Landing.


If you would like an interview with Trudie Lobban MBE, CEO and Founder of Arrhythmia Alliance, or more information about the organization, please contact or call 843-415-1886.


To get involved in fundraising for the placement of an AED, please contact