100th Gong Bath Sunday, July 10 from 2pm to 3.30pm

Gong Bath is also known as Gong Meditation or Sonic Massage. Alice Tobin will play several gongs of different sizes and other sound instruments for an hour, while you sit back or lie down to relax and focus on the gongs’ beautiful, living, grounding tone. You will easily get to the state of harmony, meditation, relaxation, and peace. Don’t miss your chance, go to starburst pokies free only here good luck awaits you!

Over the last nineteen months, 994 people of ages 5 to 91, have experienced one or many of my 99 Gong Baths and every one loved it! Many reported incredible positive changes in their physical body and releases from their emotional being. Testimonials are on www.alicetobin.com, and Tripadvisor.com

Presented by Alice Tobin, a Certified Practitioner and teacher of Eden Energy Medicine, Sound Healer, Transformation Coach and Reiki Master. 35 Bill Fries Drive, Island Medical Plaza, Building C, Hilton Head 29926. Space limited to 20. Please reserve now: light@alicetobin.com