The Joint…the Chiropractic Place® Comes to Bluffton

Clinic offering free adjustments to new patients when it opens July 22

 Bluffton-area residents seeking relief from back and neck pain, as well as those who just want to feel better on an ongoing basis, now have a welcome alternative that does not involve insurance hassles, cost concerns or long wait times for appointments.

The Joint…the chiropractic place® has announced the grand opening of a new clinic at 111 Towne Drive, Bluffton, South Carolina in the Belfair Towne Village shopping center just off Highway 278. The clinic will open July 22, and free adjustments will be available for new patients from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm that day.

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Mental Performance Affects Fitness Performance

By Walter Urban

Research has proven that stress, anger and anxiety, when triggered in an athlete, can tighten muscles, tense up the body, hamper and negatively affect breathing, and generally act as a hindrance to performance. This result is no different if you are 25, 35 or 45.

In short, many athletes don’t reach their performance potential because of thinking too much and improper breathing.

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Routine Dental Hygiene Visits Are More Important Than Many Think

By James G. Jenkins

Maintaining your teeth and gums is a lot like maintaining a car. With a car, you can clean it every day, always park it in two spaces, and even with this meticulous care, the car requires periodic maintenance of oil changes and tune-ups to keep it operating in optimum condition.

Now even with this maintenance schedule, eventually things like brakes and tires wear out and require replacement. Can you still drive a car with bad brakes and tires? Yes, but would you put someone you love in the car and let them drive it?

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High Sugar Intake Can Lead To Teens’ Heart Disease

Teenagers who consume a lot of added sugars in soft drinks and foods may have poor cholesterol profiles, which may possibly lead to heart disease in adulthood, according to first-of-its-kind research reported in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.

“Added sugars” are any caloric sweeteners added to foods or beverages by the manufacturer during processing or the consumer.

The National Health and Nutrition Survey of 2,157 teenagers, ages 12 to 18, found the average daily consumption of added sugars was 119 grams (or 476 calories), accounting for 21.4 percent of their total energy.

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