Vegan Paleo Cheese Making Class in Bluffton April 7th

The Palmetto Plant Eaters Club is thrilled to announce a Vegan Paleo Cheese Making Class with Avai on Saturday, April 7, 2018, from 1-4pm at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Lowcountry at 110 Malphrus Road in Bluffton, SC. The class fee is $45 per person and class size limited to 15 participants. Registration is online here:
Avai will demonstrate how to make delicious vegan and paleo non-dairy cheeses and yogurts. Cashew cream cheese, smoked almond gouda, walnut-date cashew cream cheese, sharp cheddar almond cheese, sun-dried tomato & basil cashew cheese, lemon-pepper cashew cheese, almond cheese, and cashew yogurt are just some of the non-dairy delectables Avai will showcase.
Participants will leave with a working knowledge of how to make nut based cheeses and yogurts at home, printed recipes, an understanding of the benefits of nut-based cheeses over traditional dairy cheeses, and the experience of tasting from a platter of prepared vegan and paleo cheeses.
This is a Cultures in Your Kitchen class, from the Save the World from Your Kitchen series. The instructor of this health-promoting class is Avai, MSW – Founder of Choosing Eden and its Vibrant Health programs since 1999. Avai has been vegetarian for 30 years, vegan for 28 years, and has more than 40 years experience in nutrition and its role in our health – and even more experience in food preparation! She will be visiting Bluffton, SC, from Lake Monticello, VA.
The Palmetto Plant Eaters Club is free, open to the public, and meets monthly to teach and support whole food plant-based eating. Learn more about the Palmetto Plant Eaters Club at

A Health Savings Account Could Save Your Life

Some pundits blamed algorithmic trading for the stock market’s recent wild ride. “Algo-trading” relies on computers programmed to follow defined instructions for placing trades. For example, the computer buys 50 shares of stock when its 50-day moving average goes above the 200-day moving average. Period. Algo-trading was popularized as a systematic approach that removes human emotion, intuition, or instinct from the transaction.

Advanced medical algorithms are becoming the next best thing. Their intended purpose is to improve and standardize decisions made in the delivery of medical care, enabling multiple levels of health care practitioners to use the same “thought” process.

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Thompson’s Sport Shop collecting used baseball equipment for Give One Glove

Thompson’s Sport Shop is collecting used baseball equipment for Give One Glove. 
Give One Glove is a Savannah-based nonprofit that collects donated baseball equipment to give to children in need, mostly in the Dominican Republic.  
Give One Glove donates equipment in the Dominican Republic, in Savannah and in cities like Atlanta, Nashville and Miami. The main need in the Dominican Republic is for gloves, balls and catcher’s equipment. The nonprofit sometimes sells donated equipment to purchase more gloves or may recycle donated aluminum bats and use that money to buy more gloves and baseballs at stores like Play it Again Sports. Only wooden bats will go to the Dominican Republic.

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