Build Core Support to Maximize Fitness

By Walter Urban

I have been training for more than 17 years and over this time I have come to emphasize and value the need to surround myself with a “core” support team who embraces and encourages my effort to maximize my progress and longevity in fitness.

Over the years my core support has been a combination of my wife, daughters, co-workers, clients and friends.

As one gets older, it gets even harder and harder to maintain the stamina of earlier years. Core support fills in the gaps when motivation, fatigue and boredom hit you in long training cycle.

There are a number of studies from respectable national health organizations that reinforce the notion that social influence and support can play a big role in fitness and exercise.

In short, socio-cultural variables can negatively or positively influence individual’s involvement in physical activity. The key point being, you will do more if you obtain positive outside support.

The top five areas to look for core support are:

• Family

Depending on your age, you probably spend more of your free time with family than with any other group, thus family support is paramount.

While you are at home and not doing exercise, you and your significant other or other family members can work together to live a healthier lifestyle. Brothers, sisters and relatives can all be good sources of support.

• Training Partners

Seek out and look to others who are exercising. Working out with a partner helps you stay motivated.

Find someone who does similar workouts as well and goes to the gym, or attends the same classes.

This is great support; you can push each other when you are at low points and enjoy successes when you are both peaking.                                        Partnerships can even extend well beyond the gym to social surroundings and a healthy lifestyle.

• Personal Trainers

If you can afford it, a personal trainer is the best way to reach or exceed your fitness goals. A personal trainer will also be able to correct your form and give you tips to making your workouts as successful as possible.

He or she will be mental support as well when you just don’t have the motivation to exercise or move beyond your current state. • Social Media

Sounds crazy, but Facebook and Twitter are outlets that allow you to join online fitness groups and even possibly find training partners. Don’t underestimate this online medium.

If you search you can find local or regional gyms, personal trainers, fitness groups, clubs, etc. online.

• Doctors

Doctors will be able to give you limited suggestions about your exercise routine as well as point out anything you are doing that could be bad for your body.

Make sure that you visit your doctor regularly to chart health and also check with him or her when you drastically change your fitness program.

Remember there is power in numbers so get support whenever or wherever you can.

As always, check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Walter Urban is an American-born powerlifter and Guinness World Record holder and challenger living in Canada.